Technology & Service

IDICTION provides various services based on
body size measuring technology
for users, producers, and sellers who need
body size data.


Body Recognition Tech

  • TensorFlow Object Detect ; PoseNeth

Segmentation Tech

  • machine learning + Artificial Calibration

3D obj matching Tech

  • AI algorithm + Artificial Calibration
Patents Registration
Guide for self-measurementPatent details : Four Domestic patent registration ㆍsix Domestic patent applicationsㆍtwo US patent applicationsㆍtwo China patent applications
public certification test accuracy 98.5%
IDICTION conduct a test of body size 3D virtual model
As a result of the precision test, the average of 98.5% satisfies the test criteria of more than 95%.
Select 5 points of body / Calculate and Compare the average value after measuring the size of 5 times per point.
date : 2020.12 KTC number : T202015306

Business Model

App Service

The world’s smartest non-face-to-face measuring service.

Body Measurement

Sizeit is a non-face-to-face body size measurement app that provides a variety of reports, including 30 types of body size data, as well as reports using body size with just three body photos(front, side, and back) using a smartphone camera.

Body data Provision

SizeDB provides body data measured by "sizeit". Manufacturer can get all body data that needs to make clothes with a simple click. It is easy to link with other brands, so you can reduce customer inconvenience and recommend more fittable products to your customers.

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Fashion Recommend

SizeTalk is a B2B solution that can recommend products by linking with the shopping mall app. If you type your clothing size data, Size Talk will compare it to your potential customer’s body size and recommend a size that fits you well. From the consumer’s point of view, they can purchase products without worrying about the size, reducing purchase hurdles and reducing the return rate caused by the size being incorrect.

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