Sizeit version 3.7 available now!

PRESS | 22-05-03 14:46


Seoul--April 28, 2022 (Newswire)  -- IDICTION on the 11th launched a new version(version 3.7) of Sizeit that is a body size measurement app. This update includes a variety of new features and improvements to the UI.

Sizeit is a body size measurement app that allows people to measure their body size only with a smartphone. This simple measurement method get rave reviews and reached more than 20,000 downloads after launch. Sizeit has also selected as the popular new Android app on Google Play last march.

After the first novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) was found in Korea, our society has undergone many changes. Not only do people’s lifestyles change, but time spent alone was increased. For that reason, more people are investing in self-improvement. We are moving to personalization,  where set goals only for ourselves.

Additionally, people are focusing on the process, not achieving the goal. They pursue pleasure in the process. Sizeit grasp this culture and determined that giving personalized service with pleasure is a core value. This version is the first step to reflect the needs of these consumers.

Here are the main features of the new version.

◇ AI report that provides AI coaching about healthcare

AI coach analyzes the measured body size and provides personalized Fitness guidelines. It is a function that helps you manage your health smarter by comparing it with the average size, BMI, RFM, and age.

◇ Before & after stamp stickers

As hashtag workout(#workout) is a trend, Sizeit also added photo editing for uploading social media through this update. The difference is Sizeit serves a special stamp 'body size stamp', so you can share your photo and body size without putting Before & After size.

◇ Provide gaming content using body size

Sizeit did not miss the 'healthy pleasure', a health care trend of the Korean MZ generation, by providing interactive content body size added, such as styling tips for each body type, MBTI test.

IDICTION CEO Jae-min Yang said, "Company is trying to provide content that users can enjoy, not simply measuring body size." Anyone can download it for free on the APP Store and Google Play Store.