IDICTION is attending 2022 MWC

NOTICE | 22-03-30 19:04


iDiction is attending 4YFN MWC 2022 with Body Size Measurement App "Size It".

iDiction has been launched for solving the cost problems of the clothing manufacturing industry.
iDiction's team implemented the technology of measuring body size by AI algorithm. This core technology could be applied to diverse industries
such as Fashion, Wellness, Healthcare, Games and Metaverse in the world.

'Size It' is a non-face-to-face body size measurement app that provides a variety of reports, including 30 types of body size data, as well as average body shape by age and style recommendations by body type, with just three body photos (front, side and back) using a smartphone camera.

'Size DB' analyzes and processes body size information for companies that need body data for clothing production, and provides data in the desired format. Because it is easy to create work orders, which are essential for producing clothes, using the 'Size DB' solution allows you to produce a variety of clothes of various sizes and trends according to customer information and designs.

'Size Talk' is a B2B solution that can recommend products in conjunction with a shopping mall app. When you input clothing size data, it compares the size of your body with potential customers and recommends a size that fits you well. This automatic recommendation can lower the hurdles so that consumers can purchase products without worrying about the size and also lower the return rate caused by the size that does not fit.

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